3DShapeIndex.com, the first universal index for three-dimensional content on the web, is powered by CADseek’s 3D shape classification and search technology.

CADseek’s fully automated shape classification algorithm does not require the generation of labels or tags to be attached to the geometry, nor does it need manual training for seeding the classification as is the case with AI-based classification algorithms. The result is a universal index for any type of 3D shape ranging from engineering models to 3D digital scans and molecular models. The technology works without any restriction on the type of shape that can be indexed, and without suffering the huge overhead cost associated with training AI networks.

CADseek’s 3D shape classification and search technology has been in the market serving global engineering enterprises for the past decade with a suite of shape search products offered by the iSEEK Corporation including: CADseek Polaris — the enterprise 3D shape search engine; CADseek iDENTIFY — real-time markerless object identification on a mobile device based on a camera feed, or a photo; CADseek Analytics — the big data shape analytics engine; CADseek Adviser — the CADseek shape search product that operates in an active CAD modeling session. For more information about iSEEK Corporation’s enterprise solutions for shape search, please visit www.iSEEKcorp.com.