iSEEK3D is a new downloadable application from iSEEK Corporation that processes CAD files locally on your computer to perform secure shape searches on the web. The iSEEK3D application is only 2 MB in size and installs in under a minute. The user opens an STL format of their CAD file in the iSEEK3D application and requests a shape search of the content on the cloud platform.

iSEEK3D applies iSEEK Corporation's CADseek shape coding algorithms to generate a shape signature locally on the user's computer. The shape signature is less than 40 KB in size irrespective of the size of the CAD geometry, and it is mathematically impossible to reverse engineer the CAD geometry from its shape signature. The iSEEK3D application sends the shape signature to 3DShapeIndex as a shape search target to retrieve similar shapes. Shape search results are instantaneously returned for the user to review within their iSEEK3D application."