3DShapeIndex.com Features the Printables.com Extensive Library of High-Quality 3D Models

Ames, Iowa – September 20, 2022 – According to their website, Printables.com is designed to be “open and welcoming to all 3D printer owners.” Our experience at 3DShapeIndex.com in indexing 3D models from multiple sites on the web demonstrates the convenient accessibility of 3D models on Printables.com for 3D indexing, and subsequently, for 3D shape search on 3DShapeIndex.com.   [Full Story]

iSEEK3D for Shape Search on the Web Without Uploading Computer Aided Design (CAD) files

Ames, Iowa – August 1, 2022 – Until now, if you ever find yourself searching for a 3D-printable file or requesting a quotation from a cloud platform for fabrication, then you are expected to upload your CAD files. The requirement of uploading digitized geometry has effectively knee-capped the viability of 3D printing repositories and cloud fabrication quotation services. iSEEK Corporation’s 3DShapeIndex.com offers a solution to this dilemma with iSEEK3D, a new downloadable application that processes CAD files locally to perform secure shape searches on the web. iSEEK3D is a lightweight Windows application that installs on your computer in under a minute.    [Full Story]

iSEEK Corporation Launches 3DShapeIndex.com — A Universal Index for 3D Shape on the Web

AMES, Iowa. March 8, 2022 — iSEEK Corporation launches 3DShapeIndex.com powered by iSEEK’s fully automated CADseek shape classification and shape search algorithms embedded in a cloud deployment. [Full Story]