AMES, Iowa. March 8, 2022 — iSEEK Corporation launches powered by iSEEK’s fully automated CADseek shape classification and shape search algorithms embedded in a cloud deployment. CADseek’s shape classification algorithm does not require the use of labels or tags attached to the geometry, nor does it need manual training for seeding the classification as is the case with AI-based classification methods. The result, therefore, is a fully automated universal index for shape content across languages and content types without any restriction on the type of shape to be indexed.

Figure 1 shows 3DShapeIndex search results for a search target from the Google Scanned Objects dataset. If you are interested in indexing your 3D content to demonstrate your CAD modeling skills or to promote your Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce platform, please contact us at

3dShapeIndex search results for a search target from Google Scanned Objects dataset.

Figure1: 3DShapeIndex search results for a search target from Google Scanned Objects dataset.

At its launch indexed 3D digitally scanned content from the Smithsonian Institution, Protein Data Bank 3D molecular models, Google Scanned Objects, Fusion 360 Gallery, and a few mechanical parts inventories. Despite the diversity of the data, this work was performed using the same CADseek algorithm without any customization or manual intervention.

The iSEEK Corporation web crawler, CADseek Phoenix, is constantly crawling the web for additional publicly accessible 3D content to reflect in the index. 3DShapeIndex users browse the datasets using a 2D navigation grid to explore the content available and to select a target for performing a shape search. All shape searches are performed in real-time after the user selects the search target and the datasets to search. The results are displayed with hyperlinks to the source page for downloading the content or examining associated attributes.

CADseek’s 3D shape classification and search technology has been in the market serving global engineering enterprises for the past decade with a suite of shape search products offered by the iSEEK Corporation including: CADseek Polaris — the enterprise 3D shape search engine; CADseek iDENTIFY — real-time markerless object identification on a mobile device based on a camera feed, or a photo; CADseek Analytics — the big data shape analytics engine; CADseek Adviser — the CADseek shape search product that operates in an active CAD modeling session. For more information about iSEEK Corporation’s enterprise solutions for shape search, please visit