Ames, Iowa – August 1, 2022 – Until now, if you ever find yourself searching for a 3D-printable file or requesting a quotation from a cloud platform for fabrication, then you are expected to upload your CAD files. The requirement of uploading digitized geometry has effectively knee-capped the viability of 3D printing repositories and cloud fabrication quotation services. iSEEK Corporation’s offers a solution to this dilemma with iSEEK3D, a new downloadable application that processes CAD files locally to perform secure shape searches on the web. iSEEK3D is a lightweight Windows application that installs on your computer in under a minute.

“iSEEK3D applies iSEEK Corporation’s CADseek shape coding algorithms to generate a shape signature locally on the user’s computer. It is mathematically impossible to reverse engineer the CAD geometry from its shape signature. Therefore, intellectual property in a CAD file remains secured within the user’s local hardware,” explained Dr. Abir Qamhiyah, the iSEEK Corporation founder and inventor of its shape search algorithms.

The iSEEK3D application sends the shape signature to the 3DShapeIndex cloud platform as a shape search target to find similar shapes. Shape search results are instantaneously returned from 3DShapeIndex for the user to review within their iSEEK3D application. Figure 1 shows shape search results displayed in iSEEK3D using the Smithsonian 3D scan “USNM104845_mandible_-200” from the Smithsonian 3D collection.

iSEEK3D shape search results for “USNM104845_mandible_-200” from the Smithsonian 3D collection.

Figure1: iSEEK3D shape search results for “USNM104845_mandible_-200” from the Smithsonian 3D collection.

The shape search results are ranked in descending order starting from identical matches at 100% shape similarity score. Each search result has a link that takes the user directly to the index page for that search result in 3DShapeIndex. The index page then links the user to the original source of that search result where the user can download a 3D file representation according to the guidelines provided by the source site.

CADseek’s 3D shape coding, classification, and search technology has been serving global engineering enterprises for the past decade with a suite of shape search products offered by iSEEK Corporation including: CADseek Polaris — the enterprise 3D shape search engine; CADseek iDENTIFY — real-time markerless object identification using a mobile device’s camera feed, or photo; CADseek Analytics — the big data shape analytics engine; and CADseek Adviser — shape search in an active CAD modeling session. For more information about iSEEK Corporation’s enterprise solutions for shape search, please visit